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Trafficking in Persons is a serious and organized crime punishable by a term of imprisonment. Victims are especially vulnerable, and often we don’t hear their stories. Human Trafficking is a crime in the Maldives under the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act 2013 (Law No 12/2013).

If you know suspect someone is involved in trafficking or are a victim yourself or wish to report anything related to the crime please call the following numbers for immediate assistance:

Maldives Police Service Human Trafficking Investigation Unit: (+960) 9500125

National Hotline Assisting Victims of Trafficking: 1696 (direct)

The following clips have been developed for awareness raising. They are in Dhivehi and tells the stories of two foreigners who are subject to trafficking in the Maldives – namely for labour exploitation and sexual exploitation. Often victims are scared of the perpetrators, and are left in vulnerable situations, and suffer various physical and psychological effects as a result of being deceived into trafficking.

Aliyah’s story: Aliyah is a young girl who was promised a job in the Maldives by a family friend to work in a beauty salon. She was deceived. She was brought into the country under false identification and then subsequently kept locked under the watchful eye of her trafficker and sexually exploited for commercial purposes.
Listen to Aliyah’s story…..

Rasheed’s Story: Rasheed is a migrant worker who left his family in his country of origin in search of better economic opportunities to support his livelihood. He was promised a great job, but unfortunately when he arrived in the Maldives his passport was taken away from him, and he was forced into working under terrible conditions. He did not even receive much renumeration.
Listen to Rasheed’s story….

  • These stories are analogous to actual reported cases of trafficking in the Maldives. Any names used are unintentional and are not related.

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