Press Release —Local May 21, 2017

System Launched to Increase Identification and Monitoring of Trafficking Cases

The first ever case management system in the Maldives dedicated to Trafficking in Persons was launched by the Deputy Commissioner of Police on Sunday 21 May 2017 at a special ceremony to mark the occasion. This will be utilized to not only manage reported cases of trafficking in persons, but also allows for the public to electronically report suspected cases via the website directly to the Police. The case management system was a joint initiative designed and developed by the Maldives Police Service and the International Organization for Migration, with the support of the United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

The Maldivian government aims to increase the reported number of suspected cases as well as increase identification. Strengthening collaboration between stakeholders to assist victims and prosecution is also an objective of the initiative.

This system enables government/non-government stakeholders, diplomatic missions, and the general public to refer VOTs and potential VOTs to the Police directly through a dedicated website

As the designated authority, the Maldives Police Service operates the case management system. Through the website, once the information is uploaded, the investigation officer in Human trafficking investigation unit will have access to the case data and will follow up accordingly.

The website will be in the near future also developed in certain key languages (ie: Bangla, Singhalese, Tamil) thereby can be accessed in different languages to make it migrant friendly. This case management system will also enable to Police to generate TIP data on regular basis which can be used for documentation, reporting, and analysis.