Migration and the Environment

IOM Maldives is proud to be part of a regional study which assessed on the linkages between climate change, environmental degradation and migration in the region, entitled ‘Assessing the Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration Nexus in South Asia.’

The report conducted research on community perceptions of climate change and their vulnerability, along with other economic, social and political factors which contribute to the migration decision making process in the Maldives, as well as Nepal and Bangladesh. The study found that there is a lack of resilience amongst affected populations and that migration occurs out of compulsion due to depleted livelihoods and absence of alternative options.

Building on the findings of the report, IOM is supporting the Ministry of Environment and Energy and other stakeholders in supporting activities outlined in the Maldivian National Adaptation Plan of Action and raising awareness and advocating for adaptation measures to respond to climate change.