Areas of Work

Ongoing Efforts

  • Establishing efficient and trustworthy pre-departure health screening services for migrant workers, to minimize high expenses of workers who are refused work visa upon entry for medical reasons.

  • Support to the GoM in its work on developing a stringent and beneficial migration management policy, including developing national capacity on migration management.

  • Given the increasing attention and awareness of the GoM and stakeholders to the incidences of human trafficking in Maldives, there is an urgent need to overcome the challenges to properly identify and assist victims and prosecute the perpetrators. Capacity building and effective awareness campaigns are needed across all stakeholders and general public

  • Raising awareness among new migrant workers of their rights and obligations, and disseminating information on how to seek assistance including establishing a hotline for victims and potential victims of trafficking.

Areas for Future Collaboration

  • To address numerous migration challenges, the Maldives Department of Immigration and Emigration requested technical assistance from IOM in the preparation of a 5-year strategic plan which aims at improving overall migration management capabilities. The plan will be evidence-based drawing on the studies and survey undertaken by IOM and the Governernment. 

  • Drawing on the experiences of the global work done by IOM in post-crisis and humanitarian needs, IOM can add to the ongoing work by the national agencies on strengthening emergency preparedness and integrating disaster risk reduction in livelihoods and communities.

  • To ensure that the needs of the labour market are more accurately met, IOM will be working with the Government to revise its migration and foreign employment policies, including re-evaluating its quota system and increase the capacity of the government to collect and analyse data to assess labour market needs.

  • To improve the protection of migrant workers, IOM will continue work with all relevant agencies to increase awareness of arriving migrant workers of their rights and the obligations of employers and governments. And also disseminate information on how to seek assistance.